Comprehensive Layout About The Features Of Apple Retina Macbook Pro

 Apple Retina Macbook Pro

Apple Retina Macbook Pro

Apple is an elite manufacturer which has always lived up to the highest expectations of consumers with its state of the art products that boast of quality and technology. The laptops and notebook PCs from Apple aptly meet the high quality and performance standards. Recently Apple came up with a new notebook named as Apple Retina Macbook Pro. There is a lot of curiosity among global consumers about this latest notebook launched by Apple. This is definitely not a budget laptop as its pricing exceeds $1000. So, here some much needed information about this latest gadget which will help you with your decision about buying it.

High speed impressive processor of Retina Macbook

Apple had used the latest and most advanced Intel processor which is the core i7. The advanced processor makes the device performance truly impressive. The clock speed of the Apple Retina Macbook Pro processor is about 2 GHz. This enables really fast input and out response in this notebook. The device also offers really good internet browsing experience owing to the advanced microprocessor.

Get to know the OS and screen resolution capability

 Apple Retina Macbook Pro's amazing screen resolution

Apple Retina Macbook Pro amazing screen resolution

Apple own operating system interface known as Maverick X has been integrated into the design of this Apple notebook. This OS of Apple is one of the most advanced notebook softwares that consumers couch for. This competitive OS makes it worth buying. The display screen of Apple Retina Macbook Pro is a good 15.4 inches in width. The device also boasts highest screen resolution which is of 2880*1880 pixels. There is not even one laptop in the market which can compete with the Retina based extremely high resolution and graphic quality of this notebook.

There is a very classy feel to this notebook

The metallic finishing and totally scratch resistant surface makes it the best bet. This sleek and highly portable device has a thickness of just 0.7 inches. The keyboard of the Apple Retina Macbook Pro is laid out very clearly and the keys look durable too. This laptop looks no less than a charmer in every manner.

The device surely offers good connectivity

This classy looking device not only has a good finishing but it also offers really good connectivity. Apart from Thunderbolt connectivity ports the device also has two high speed USB ports of the 3.0 type. In addition to the HDMI port, the notebook also has multi card reading port. This portable notebook reportedly weighs around 2.23 kg only.

Lastly, the battery life and connectivity is a USP

Enjoy your experience with the Apple Retina Macbook Pro

Enjoy your experience with the Apple Retina Macbook Pro

The battery life of Apple Macbook Pro leaves a good impression on the user. You won’t have to worry about charging the battery before 8 hours on the go. That’s really good because you could do extensive gaming, video playing, movie watching etc without worrying about your laptop battery. The good battery life makes it a perfect choice for office goers too. Video gaming enthusiasts are going to love this notebook.

Although the HP Spectre X 2 gives nice competition to the Apple Retina Macbook Pro, but you can be assured that Apple’s notebook is much superior in performance, connectivity, durability and style than any of its competitors. This gadget is definitely worth buying!

Tips For Making A Long Distance Relationship Successful

Keeping a long distance relationship can be hard... But not impossible

Keeping a long distance relationship can be hard… But not impossible

Long distance relationships are those where the couple lives a considerable distance from each other. These relationships do work but they may require more work than relationships where the couple sees each other often. The main thing to do with a long distance relationship is to share your life with your other half as much as possible so that the relationship lives on. One of the main reasons why relationships do not work is because the couple grows apart or grows in different directions.

Take time to communicate every day

Communication is the bedrock of any relationship, and in a long distance relationship you must communicate constantly. Ensure that you talk on the phone at least regularly. With technology, you can Skype, text, use various instant messaging options that allow you to keep in touch. You do not have to talk about profound stuff you can share things that are seemingly mundane so that you can connect with the other person because you are aware of what is happening in each other life. If necessary have a scheduled time when you text or talk for example every morning when you wake up.

Do special things for each other

Enjoy every moment you have for each other

Enjoy every moment you have together

Romance is very key in relationships and you should find ways that will keep the romance going. Send gifts that have special meaning to your lover, you can make a playlist of your favorite songs and send via email or Facebook or find any other gesture that will be meaningful happen. Alternatively, make a surprise visit to your spouse. These thoughtful gestures will ensure that your loved one knows that you are thinking of them and this will make them feel special. When you receive surprises and gifts then you also feel special. This means that you may have too.

See each other as often as possible

It is important that you see each other every so often and you should schedule and plan visits so that you are able to see each other. This means that you may have to spend on plane tickets or on gas. It is best to split the visits so that you travel equally unless one of you is better off financially or has a more flexible schedule. However, this must be agreed beforehand to avoid feelings of resentment especially if one person is the one doing all the traveling. It is also important to be understanding of your partner’s life without you to avoid feeling jealous or unsatisfied in the relationship.

Visit each other as often as possible

Visit each other as often as possible

A relationship can be difficult to maintain, and especially when you live a part. Stay positive in your relationship and even though you may miss your partner, look forward to the visits, the calls and the communication to keep you going. Ensure that you engage in meaningful and interesting things so that you are not just pining for your partner. It is important that you also have a long term goal for your relationship so that you decide if one of you will move to the other person’s town or city. Remain faithful and do not date other people.

Beverages That Increase Your Metabolism

Eat and drink healthy to stay healthy

Eat and drink healthy to stay healthy

Studies have shown that your weight gain can’t be blamed only to your food intake but also to what you drink. In other words, what you drink can also make you fat. You must not only watch your food intake but also the beverages that you drink. Here are some of the healthy beverages that surprisingly help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism:


Drinking water is a given drink to help you lose weight. Everyone knows that if you really want to lose weight, then drink plenty water. You can choose between still water or sparkling water. Water should be your official beverage especially when you are trying to shed excess pounds. If you find water boring, you can make it interesting by adding cucumber, lime and lemon slices. You can even add a slice of tomato also. These things adds flavor to the water that you drink without adding extra calories.

Vegetable juice

You need fiber and nutrients so your body will have an energy source as you go on with your weight loss program. The best and quickest way to get fiber and nutrients is by gulping homemade, bottled and canned vegetable juices. You can even look for a healthier option which is the low-sodium classification. As most people know, vegetables have complex carbohydrates that are hard to digest and this makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time. The tangy flavor also serves as a treat to your taste buds.

Unsweetened tea

Keep your body clean of toxins

Keep your body clean of toxins

Studies have shown that frequent drinking of green has helped in increasing metabolism and therefore speeding up many people’s weight loss. Green tea is a good beverage because it can be served hot or cold. So that you won’t make the drink boring, you can add a natural sweetener like honey so you’ll have a low-sugar drink. If green tea is popular, don’t forget the black and oolong varieties. These types of tea are also very rich in antioxidants and will surely help you get rid of harmful toxins.

Black coffee

It is healthy to drink black coffee early in the morning and in the afternoon. This is because the caffeine in these products suppresses the feeling of hunger and makes you last until its regular eating time. Coffee also stimulates thermogenesis in the human body which heats it up and helps boost metabolism. Coffee also is rich in antioxidants that clear up your arteries. With coffee, you have a healthy and metabolism-inducing beverage. You must make it a healthy drink by adding only skim milk and little sugar.


Your body is your temple

Your body is your temple

The secret therefore to lose weight will not only be based on your plate’s content but also in what is contained by your glass. You can try popular drinks as soft drinks and fruit drinks and even energy drinks but they could be loaded with carbohydrates and sugars that will not help you lose weight. The beverages listed above are not only tasty to the taste buds, they also boost metabolism to help you lose weight faster.

What Can And Can’t Systematic Investment Plans Deliver

Systematic Investment Plans

Systematic Investment Plans

What is a Systematic Investment Plan? Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is an approach to investment where small amounts at regular intervals are invested one at a time rather than investing it all in one lump sum amount. SIP is considered the best and safest way to invest into Equity Markets. Investors would try to capture not the high and lows of the market, but the average cost by investing at regular intervals.

SIP into a mutual fund is the most popular approach of investment in Asian countries, like India. The concept of this method is that when markets fall investors would get more units. Likewise they will get lesser units when the market goes up. Meaning the investor would buy high when the market is low, and buy low when the market is high. Therefore the average cost of each unit falls down over a period of time.

What SIP can deliver

Start your SIP now

Start your SIP now

  • Low average purchase costs. One of the most important advantages Systematic Investment plans have to offer is the opportunity to lower the average purchase cost. This is happens during periods of time where the equity markets experience a turbulent patch. Since the investment amount for each investment is fixed, the investor would gain a much higher number of units.

  • Removes emotion from the decision to invest. SIP can eliminate the emotion from the decision to invest, because it is “systematic” meaning a regular date and time is set for investment.
  • Lighter on the Wallet. The problem often faced in investing is the lack of cash. SIP takes care of this dilemma by lowering the minimum amount for investment. For example, the minimum amount for a lump sum investment is around $5,000, for a Systematic Invest Plan it can be as low as $500. Therefore, investing via a SIP route is more affordable.
  • Market timing is irrelevant. Investors have this urge to predict markets, and look for the right timing to invest, but timing it perfectly is beyond most investors. And investment using the SIP makes market timing useless.

What SIP can’t deliver

  • In rising markets. If equity markets are continuously rising, an SIP could fail to deliver its promise of lowering average purchase cost. Such scenario is possible in short periods of time.
  • Directionless SIP. By directionless, it means that an SIP is not part of an investment plan or is aimless. It should be noted that an SIP is not an end; rather it is a means to achieve the end. Starting an SIP in isolation is not helpful; therefore the SIP should be a part of an investment plan with a predetermined objective.

You need a SIP

You need a SIP

  • SIP in the wrong fund. Investing with the SIP route does not improve the chances of prospecting in a wrong fund. A poorly managed fund’s shortcomings will not be covered by an SIP. Hence, you should first select a well-managed fund that is right for investing with a SIP route.

As presented, the SIP route of investment has a fair number of advantaged that it has to offer, although there can be instances where it will not be able to deliver the expected returns. Investors on their part should make well planned investment decisions after reviewing the pros and cons of SIP.

How To Engage Your Customers?

Engage your customers

Engage your customers

The ideal thing for a businessman or businesswoman is to lead the customer from being a prospect to a customer who actually spreads word about the business and brings in many referrals. To succeed in doing this, you may need to rev up your engagement marketing engine. You can do this by using the three steps below.

Deliver an exceptional customer service experience

There are many different elements you have to incorporate into your relationship with your customers if you want to create that positive impact that makes them feel that they are valued. To do this, you need to look at your business from outside, putting yourself in the customer’s place. Do customers receive speedy answers when they call your office or are they put on hold for an indefinite period of time? How does your office handle customer complaints? Do you just ignore them or promise the customer to do something about it and sit back or you have someone from your office call the customer and ensure that the problem is resolved properly? Is your website easy to navigate? Besides making sure that customer needs are handled on time and efficiently, you can also add value to their experience with an additional free service.

Encourage the customer to keep in touch

Create a fluid relationship with your customers

Create a fluid relationship with your customers

This is very important especially if you want to have repeat sales. For a great marketer, one time is not enough. If you do not engage your customer at this stage, he or she may be tempted to try your competitor who is aggressively marketing. Do not make customers feel like you’ve gone out of business after giving them an exceptional experience. You can send newsletters to them, connect with them on Facebook and other social media networks. A phone call to say hello and wish your customer a Happy New Year can make a huge difference too. Besides driving repeat sales, keeping in touch with your customers will make your business top on their mind. They will definitely return to you whenever they need the same or similar service.

Move on to engage your customers

Once you are connected with your customers through social media, you can now engage them on a regular basis. One of the effective ways of engaging your clients is to deliver content that is interesting and useful. You’ll engage your existing customers by having them like your page or the content that you provide. Comments and shares are a great way to let customers market your business. Especially on Facebook, when they share your products and services, they reach out to friends and people they are connected with. You won’t be surprised that people who engage online eventually turn out to be the best offline customers.

Pay attention to your customers

Pay attention to your customers

The above three steps will help you engage your customers and increase the number of sales your company makes. As an online marketer, reaching to potential clients isn’t easy, but when you can give your customers a positive experience about your service, you’re indirectly targeting that customer’s circle of friends. Word of mouth is one of the most effective methods of marketing, and you want to make sure that it is efficiently used by your business.